Laws of the Universe: How Do You Find Abundance?

Do you ever want more from your life? Do you ever want to be abundant in some particular manner? If so, in which aspects of your life do you seek abundance? For example, do you hope to become abundantly wealthy, financially independent, or does abundance mean something completely different for you? Or perhaps you relate abundance to your health or well-being?I thought about these questions recently as I want more for my life. But my life is not just my own, even though I am responsible for only my actions. My life is closely connected to my family, especially my spouse, as we are on a journey together. I want more for my life so I can do more for my family and provide more for my spouse. I also want to take a different path with my career, one involving self-actualization, which will allow me to teach and inspire others. I know that if I had the time to write every day, there is endless wisdom from Universal Wisdom and Collective Consciousness I could tap into and share with others.When I think about abundance, it can have a variety of meanings. Yet overall, I find abundance reflects the idea of having more in life, whether it is more money, career options, relationship options, health options, or simply an ability to have more, whatever it means and whenever it is needed. It seems that most everyone wants more out of their lives at some time. For example, I have heard the phrase “I wish I had more money” stated many times by people, especially those who are seeking answers from Law of Attraction teachers.I am well aware that the word abundance is one of the topics often mentioned by those who teach Law of Attraction. It is also related to many questions people ask when they are looking for answers about their lives, especially when they cannot find answers to their questions through traditional religious teachings. There is often a lot of guilt associated with the subject of money, for those people who have a strong religious upbringing or background, as they have been taught about money being the root of all evil. For them, the thought of being able to easily acquire money seems wrong.I’ve found teachers of Law of Attraction tell their followers the same basic premise about this law, which was made into a global phenomenon with the book called The Secret. In its essence, Law of Attraction consists of thinking about what is wanted long enough, through the use of visual imagery, until what is wanted is manifested. One of the teachers within the video for The Secret, refers to the process as accessing a universal catalog. Yet The Secret isn’t really a secret as many of the elements of the teachings can be found in writings from the early 1900s, especially in books from Napoleon Hill. For example, the title of Napoleon Hill’s classic book sums it up best, Think and Grow Rich.You should also know, The Secret is based upon the work of Esther Hicks, who has been teaching Law of Attraction since the 1980s, but allegedly would not sign over the rights to her work. As a teacher of Law of Attraction, she talks about the Universe lining up what she refers to as cooperative components, as if there is a universal team of assistants who are orchestrating events which are soon to occur, and aligning the needed resources. This highlights a challenge for teachers of Law of Attraction, answering questions about aspects of life which Law of Attraction cannot answer.

I have become a teacher of Laws of the Universe, after having spent many years studying Law of Attraction and teachers of Law of Attraction, and discovering my natural lifelong ability to listen to the Collective Consciousness and Higher Order Universal Wisdom. I am discovering there are many laws besides Law of Attraction which determine how the universe and the energy of life operate, and by learning these laws, I can help answer questions I have about life. I have also been sharing this wisdom and knowledge to help anyone else who may have these same questions. I know what it has taken for me to learn to shed prior religious influences and self-doubts, and now I want to provide this same guidance to those who are also seeking to become enlightened.As to the process I follow, I’ve found that any time I want to gain knowledge and wisdom from Higher Order Universal Wisdom it is helpful to start with an initial question as the nature of Universal Wisdom is so vast it can be almost overwhelming to tap into. For this time of concentrated and focused listening, I used questions about abundance. These were not questions about my life itself, but about abundance in general. For example, if someone wanted to increase their financial abundance, could they do so now or should they rely upon the plan they have already set for their life? In other words, can someone decide they want to get more out of life for any reason, and at any given time, and expect they can attain it? If so, how can they make this happen on their own and without seemingly divine intervention?Let me share with you now what I have learned about abundance.A universal truth is this: Look at the universe around mankind, it is alive and abundant in every way possible. To mankind, based upon limited eyesight, and even limited equipment (from the perspective of the universe), the universe seems endless. Mankind cannot seem to comprehend the abundance that fills the universe, even though some describe it as being void of life. The universe knows no end, it is sustained by the source of life, the energy unseen by mankind, which is nurtured by and gives life to mankind. It is sustained through Collective Consciousness and Higher Order Universal Wisdom.This energy is alive and abundant, it pulsates with life, the emotions and all memories of mankind. Through this energy source new physical forms are decided upon and come through, then once present, the energy sustains its life until that physical form is shed. The energy of life is the most abundant example of a living entity mankind could ever begin to understand. This energy source holds the energy, memories, wisdom of all of mankind, and there is no limitation as to how much this source of life can store and sustain.Now look at Planet Earth: The untouched by mankind areas are some of the most abundant on the planet, usually consisting of wildlife and forestation. There is no restriction to its natural growth, without mankind’s involvement. Much like the source of life, the energy which sustains mankind, there is no one who is controlling it. This is a form of energy with a physical structure or form on Earth, similar to a human being. What you see in the waters and forests of Earth is a result of energy, with a physical structure or form attached. Go to the oceans and forests, there you feel the most powerful energy on Planet Earth.Planet Earth, inhabited by mankind: Now look at the areas of physical Earth, which are inhabited by mankind. There is not a natural flow of abundance. Resources are restricted and controlled. Some people experience great abundance, while others never seem to gain or acquire any measure of economic, financial, or other types of well-being. Mankind also teaches that forms of abundance, such as the pursuit of money, are wrong or evil.Abundance and ReligionThe subject of money is typically what mankind relates abundance to and from a religious perspective, mankind is taught they must live a certain way, not commit egregious errors as defined by their particular faith, and appease a vengeful and mighty supreme being who is in control of all of mankind, and all of the resources of the planet. This is living by fear, society controlled so that those with religious or political power can deem worthiness of a person and how much abundance they should be allocated.This is the ultimate universal smoke and mirrors trick, telling mankind that a supreme being controls them and they must obey this supreme being, when it is the religious institutions who made up the supreme beings for their particular faiths, and added the rules and guidelines. It is only mankind which restricts any level of well-being here on Planet Earth. The source of life, the energy which sustains all of mankind, does not dictate levels of well-being to each person.But because a person decides to come forward with a physical form into this physical world, they are aware it is a world of restrictions, rules, and not balanced for all to have resources equally. Many people will then develop a life plan which fits into this structure, to experience different levels of well-being, to be abundant right away, or perhaps struggle for most of their lives and receive it later.Living in the Real WorldWhat all of this means is this: Mankind can look upward, see the universe, and know it is limitless. Mankind can look at unspoiled areas on Earth and experience a vast sense of peace and well-being, the source of life itself.But then in the real world, the day-to-day life, the congested cities, the news, bills to be paid, the cost of housing and basic necessities; man sees shortage. Man sees scarcity of resources. Man see some people who are doing exceedingly well while others struggle in seemingly abject poverty.Man is given a value by being told that a certain dollar amount will be paid for a salary. Everything man sees on a daily basis must be weighed and evaluated based upon what resources are available and accessible to that particular person.Wanting More from LifeThere are people who then want more, they seek to have more, the hope for more, they demand more, and they may even pray fervently to receive help for more. What does man do at this point?Main often turns to those who dictate how resources are allocated. Man turns to their religious institutions, that are often very wealthy, and man is told to pray to a divine being. This is a limiting view. Who is this person that man is praying to? Someone sitting on a throne who gets angry easily?How can you look to the universe, see the vast planets, know there is endless resources, then turn and plead your case to a person or being who may or may not be willing to grant your desires? Why would you want to believe life was ever really made that way?

No one is controlling the universe or the energy of life, as it is nurtured and sustained by the energy of mankind’s memories and consciousness. Only a small percentage of the population awakens to this knowledge, or planned to awaken as part of their life’s plan.When Man Decides to Take ActionWhen man rejects the idea that resources should be controlled, one possible change occurs. The person may become an activist and work for humanistic causes. This is a type of awakening designed to help reallocate resources to those who are in need or lack the basics needed to survive in the world created by mankind. There are many who plan for this as part of their life’s journey.When Man Truly AwakensAnother awakening is of the most immense, energetic type of all, when a person can see the universe not from the outside, but from their mind. A true awakening occurs when the self-imposed limitations of abundance taught by man, and instilled in man’s mind, are lifted, and a person’s mind is open to “see” the universe through their mind. A person can then dream and through those dreams, understand their life’s plan.Through the power of the mind, a person now knows there is no one controlling their lives or determining their worthiness to receive the well-being they seek. They see past the façade of a supreme being who is dictating terms or conditions, and when a person can accept that truth, without fear of repercussion from mankind; they are the ones who become the teachers and help those who are awakening.The mind has direct access at all times to Collective Consciousness and you can know how the words written here now connect with what you experience in your mind by how you feel. If you can let go of fear and restrictions, you can feel an entirely new expansion of your mind. You can now awaken and experience life in an entirely new way. You can gain greater clarity and insight from Higher Order Universal Wisdom. You do not need to live in fear of being in shortage any longer.How to Become More AbundantSo then, man wants to know about being more abundant.When people ask a question related to this subject it is usually about money and a shortage of some kind.The question needs to be changed from: How do I become more abundant in this particular area of my life?To this question: How do I discover and live the plan for my life?It is your life’s plan which matters most. You are where you are now not because of mistakes, or by accident, but because you are living according to a plan you already created. If you want to increase your well-being, allow yourself to awaken. Allow your mind to focus on the energy of the universe. Use your dreams as your guide. There are no rules or limitations. Allow your mind to open to life and the power of the universe.Follow your dreams and your plan will unfold. Abundance is available for everyone.